5 WHOLE YEARS!! Omg 🥰I couldn’t be more excited, grateful & proud to say Elegance is officially 5Yr old! Where did that time go? It literally only feels like 12 months ago I set out on this crazy journey.

I have been super excited but also a little nervous to write this blog and put myself out there in a way I guess I haven’t really done before. But… I’m proud of the business & culture I have created and hope that by writing this maybe I can inspire someone to follow their dreams.

Maddy Barnes

5 years later I couldn’t be proud of the salon culture we have been able to create ! A place for our clients to come and relax, unwind, socialise, and enjoy been pampered. For me owning a hairdressing salon wasn’t just about “Amazing Hair “ it was insuring our clients had a friendly environment where they could relax and unwind.

Don’t get me wrong it’s taken a lot of work 🙈  5 years later, 13 staff member combined, 2 salon make overs, 3 business coaches, tears, laughter, stress and plenty of memories made. But at the end of the day I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Would I do it again is one of the main question I get asked by clients, friends and family and the answer is YES! One of the biggest lesson I have learnt over the past 5 years is that…  “If you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it work or happen“ and to never give up on your dreams but be willing to work your arse off because the best things in life are always the things that take the most work!

This dream wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people I have been able to share it with… past & present team members, friends, family and of course our clients!

5 Thing I have LOVE the most about this journey…

  • The environment & culture we have created
  • Friendships and connections I have made along the way
  • Lessons learnt
  • Confidence I have gained
  • Lifestyle it’s allowed me to create

5 things I have found to be the biggest challenges…

  • Asking for help
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone
  • Creating a balance between work life and home life
  • Believing in myself
  • Learning to let go of the reins and relax

5 piece of advice for anyone wanting to start a new adventure…

  • Believe in yourself
  • Set weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly goals
  • Take time out for yourself
  • Surround yourself with like minded people
  • Ask for help when needed

Elegance Hair & Beauty Team

THANK YOU to our amazing clients! You guys are truely the back bone of Elegance. Without you this crazy dream would never of even started let alone become real! I will honestly be forever grateful for the this opportunity! To my team of gorgeous girls behind EHB, Renee, Olivia , Emily & Georgia. You girls are my rock and strength and I LOVE coming to work each day knowing I get to spend it with you. Lastly a special little shout out to my Partner Tim & Mum Suzanne for everything you do, not only for me but the salon as well !

What’s next for Elegance? My dreams are really just beginning and I can’t wait to share them with you over the next 5 years to come.

I hope that in some way Elegance has made a positive influence on your life because it has definitely shaped and moulded mine…

Lots of love and kisses
Maddy 💕

October 2014 on the left & September 2019 on the right

October 2014 on the left & September 2019 on the right