I know my clients say every year when we approach Christmas time “the older you get the faster it goes”. OMG I’m scared as to how fast the years will fly by then as this one is already half way!!

EOFY has been and gone, YAY we have made it though another year! I honestly wouldn’t be able to do it without my amazing team of girls behind me and supporting clients. I hope the tax man is good to you all and you can spoil yourself with hopefully a little tax return bonus in your pocket.

Salon goss

What’s been happening in the salon… Special little shout out to our junior stylist Georgia! This girl is nothing but AMAZING and is growing & learning at a rapid pace. If you have already been a model for Georgia then you can agree with me here, BEST HEAD MASSAGE EVER!!! Also if you have volunteered your time to be a model, thank you thank you thank you.

Emily has been busy working on growing her clientele, she is on the down hill run to finishing her apprenticeship. If your on the hunt for a new hairdresser, this is your go to girl! Olivia is flooding our socials with AMAZING colour work as per usual, i have truely loved watching this gorgeous girl grow over the past 2 years!! Happy 2nd EHB Birthday liv, your truely amazing on the inside & out! Renee has currently been enjoying quality time with her 3 beautiful children and husband whilst the kids have been on school holidays. We can’t wait to have our salon mum back working along side us.

What have I been up to… My weeks are always crazy busy but when someone goes to ask me what I have been doing, I never know what to say lol But today I do! I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in the Gold Coast learning all things business. I LOVE these trips away, I always come back inspired and ready to go again. On another exciting note, Tim & Myself are currently packing like crazy as we head off on our trip to Cairns. While I’m away the girls will be there to spoiling & pamper you as always. I’ll be back in the Salon August 6th and look forward to seeing you all. That’s enough talking from me. If you have made it to the end without getting board, thank you hehe

Lots of love
Elegance Hair & Beauty

P.s omg I cant believe I almost left this part out 😱We are getting new BASIN and it gets better, they have built in messages chairs 💆‍♀️#amensister #arrivingaugust.